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An Amazing Weekend: Part 1 (Sept 28)

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I’ve been in Seoul for well over a month now… O.o Funny how time passes so quickly.

On Sept. 28, I received my alien registration card (exactly four weeks after applying), which is making my life here much easier since it finally allowed me to get a bank account and smartphone, view Korean-only Cyworld pages (necessary in order to check out the websites of most SNU extracurricular clubs), etc. After the immigration office, I met up with a couple of my classmates to work on a class project, for which we had to make a video about a few famous places in Seoul. Our group was supposed to introduce Daehakro (대학로, an area famous for its theaters and nightlife), Naksan Park (낙산공원), and Iwha Maeul (이화마을, a small neighborhood famous for its wall paintings). It had been raining all afternoon, but fortunately stopped shortly after we met up around 5 pm. In fact, the weather turned out to be incredibly beautiful for the rest of the day, with the perfect temperature, breeze, late afternoon golden light, and sunset….


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