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Seoul International Fireworks Festival (Oct 6)

Now that the SNU language program’s fall semester has ended, it’s time for me to play catch-up with this blog. On October 6th, I went to see the annual Seoul International Fireworks Festival with one of my language partners. The festival consisted of four 20-minute shows, by Italy, China, the US, and South Korea in turn, with the fireworks being set off over the Han River by Yeouido. They also play music along with the fireworks, and the best place to both see and hear the show is in front of the 63 Building.  Of course, about a bajillion people attend the festival, so if you want to get a good spot, you have to get there super early. We didn’t do that, so by the time we got to a couple of subway stops away, where we were supposed to transfer to Line 5, the station was so packed that we decided to bail out and just walk the rest of the way (about 45 minutes). Continue reading